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The next generation iPhone released almost to the day, the video on iPhone 8, the spy photos, the configuration information is everywhere, and many people will doubt, why are there so many people interested in iPhone? IPhone is not the world's first intelligent mobile phone touch screen, but for the promotion of touch-screen smart mobile phone has played an important role in iPhone, as a pioneer and leader of the intelligent mobile phone, set the tone and the appearance of intelligent mobile phone system, a year later than the iPhone version of Android is more or less according to the iPhone Mini today bear to count the iPhone mobile phone repair speed how to affect the mobile phone industry. original iPhone: intelligent mobile phone appearanc cheap foamposites e, iOS prototype system prototype 2007 January 9th, Jobs personally released iPhone in San Francisco. Jobs described iPhone as "touch screen iPod", "revolutionary mobile phone", "breakthrough Internet device". Compared to the mobile phone keys in the same period, the first generation iPhone is only a 3.5 inch large screen and a Home key, and the capacitive multi touch technology for the first time to replace the keyboard interactive Multi-Touch technology. Equipped with a iOS prototype system for iPhone OS, iPhone OS with multi touch system, people were surprised by the original two fingers can touch screen in the picture to enlarge. the first iPhone release, not only laid a simple design language iPhone and iOS system, but also laid the whole intelligent mobile phone industry had monopolized the tone, the physical keyboard quickly turned to touch operation, also changed dramatically over the entire mobile phone ecosystem interaction logic. IPhone brings a better interactive experience of mobile phone and mobile phone Internet experience, which contributed to the explosive growth of data communication. iPhone 3G:App StoreThe first generation iPhone using the iOS 1 (then called iPhone OS 1), the concept was not yet App Store software store, if you don't escape, you will not be able to install third party software. This also mean Retro jordans for sale s that the original iPhone in addition to using it to listen to music online phone email movies, this mobile phone can't you do something else. Apple brings a new initiative, the impact of the industry in July 10, 2008, iPhone 3G (second iPhone) the day before the release of the App Store opened in iTunes. with the harsh censorship of apple, users to get rid of the third party application market from the experience of the dragons and fishes jumbled together, is a stable and secure APP environment. At the same time, the intelligent mobile phone, Android second, manufacturers have to follow, have launched their own application market. App Store may be an important source of income is not apple, but it is. to the internal structure of a single flower drum brought with the watch or clock comparison design of Kung Fu spent differences, than we imagined even closer. So the world's first flower manufacturer headquartered in Switzerland, is not surprising. DT Swiss no great marketing department, they never had loudly about his achievements. A dispassionate view of their achievements, it is hard not to see them as the leading brand of parts. There is no doubt, they produced flower - only a few high-end products suppliers can rival in quality and, but no one to provide a full range of products, or is to be like a trek or for the industry gia Cheap air jordans for sale nt OEM suppliers. There is Swiss DT wire wheel group manufacturing industry standard. Recently, they put a target on the rim, although just started experiencing some frustration, but now with other leading brand tied. Aaron Gwin, Nino Schurter, Richie Rude, Emmeline Ragot, Greg Minnaar, these players have a common occupation what? Is every one of them in 2015 by DT Swiss of the rim won victories on the pitch. These are obvious to people's achievements. We fly to the DT Swiss Biel headquarters in Switzerland, the actual look at how they produce high quality products. to the side of the mountain Swiss DT headquarters, did not see the high tech sense of the building, in the heart that is not a lie disappointed. Just a building in the Biel suburb industrial zone. In the same way the tail, that is, the legend of the table business Omega. Swiss DT steel wire for a long time has been their main product. Each wire is coming from this bundle of raw materials. steel wire manufacturing process is surprisingly simple, but the efficiency is very high. 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So they can immediately check the wire quality, find out the problem. not all wires are the same, have seen.1415344954791.jpg (107.79 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-11-7 upload at 22:39 "Allen." the Iverson is the one that you can never go beyond man, he was proud, he once, he had lost, he was the object of everyone to imitate, he owns the world's most prestigious signature shoes series, his everything is so fascinating! Although he has bid farewell to the beloved stadium, but his fearless, never give up the will of soldiers will be able to spread. 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The little editor is the only part of the chrysanthemum. recently, the export tax rebate policy adjustment strategy seminar jointly organized the National Tax Bureau of Shunde economic and Trade Bureau, invite experts and experts for Shunde enterprises to analyze the background, goal and trend of national policy adjustments, to remind the enterprises to adjust business and investment direction, seek new development opportunities. according to reports, in recent years, Shunde enterprises to expand the international market, the total export of Shunde has been for many years the growth rate of more than two digits. The rapid growth of exports has played an important role in the rapid economic growth in Shunde. But because of the export tax rebate policy adjustment involves a wide range of household appliances, furniture, Shunde clothing, leather goods, lighting, aluminum, machinery, accessories, footwear, wood, bicycles, transport machinery, jewelry processing and many other industries affected. At the same time, in July 23rd the new processing trade policy follow up adjustment, also makes the operating cost part of the processing trade enterprises to improve. "national export tax rebate policy in accordance with the rules of WTO, will not be easily canceled." At the meeting, Provincial State Taxation Bureau of export tax rebate department senior expert Chen Zhongming director of the interpretation of national policy, to the export enterprises a "reassurance". He said that the trade surplus increased, frequent trade friction, the growth rate of investment in high, RMB appreciation pressure, tax rebate policy as an important means of national macro-control, along with the continuous change of domestic and international trade situation, make timely deployment, the main purpose is to promote the transformation of foreign trade growth mode. He also believes that with the change of the situation of foreign trade, the country could once again raise the tax rebate rate, enterprises need not panic. at the same time, director Chen Zhongming also to find a way for the enterprise to deal with the tax rebate. He believes that industry associations should take the initiative to guide the adjustment of export tax rebate policy is influenced by the enterprise as an opportunity to increase high value-added product development efforts, through independent innovation, improve the technological content of products, improve the added value of the products, and actively adjust and optimize the structure of export products, abandoning the backward mode of operation and low price as soon as possible by the way the traditional exports of low value-added products for export of high-tech and high added value, so as to bring new development opportunities for enterprises. deputy director of the economic and Trade Bureau of Shunde District Zhao Xiahong said, will increase investment, focus on the development of software development, IT products, high-tech products, precision processing equipment, pharmaceutical biotechnology and other high value-added products, manufacturing and other industries, through investment in Shunde to speed up the industrial structure and the adjustment of product structure Shunde, expand foreign trade export base. leading voice policy adjustment stimulating industrial structure optimization Converse with a unique style swept the world, the Converse's famous All-Star again to create a new series of new spring and summer. The exposure of the products by low shoe type blueprint for the design, in the continuation of the classic All-Star style at the same time, this is the canvas will show ingenuity washed fading on the collocation of old with soiled sole render, a new collision with the simplicity of retro, again interpretation of the classic understanding Converse. converse-all-star-ox-well-worn-three-new-colorways-01-570x380.jpg (82.66 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-16 10:42 upload converse-all-star-ox-well-worn-three-new-colorways-02-570x380.jpg (35.01 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-16 10:42 upload converse-all-star-ox-well-worn-three-new-colorways-03-570x380.jpg (36.3 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-16 10:42 upload converse-all-star-ox-well-worn-three-new-colorways-04-570x380.jpg (35.37 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-16 10:42 Converse AllStar, Well-Worn upload, 00