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if you've ever walked through the moon's surface with a heavy spacesuit, you'll find that in space, even simple movement can be difficult. The flaws in the spacesuit's design have greatly limited people's sensory experience. However, the human Machinery Research Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT 's Man Vehicle Lab) is studied to discuss this issue, they hope to design a smart space boots or other wearable devices, provide tactile feedback to the user, to remind the astronauts to bypass or avoid some unseen obstacles. when the astronauts are performing an important task when every minute count every minute and second, must treat seriously, accurately grasp the. We usually take astronauts fall picture as at leisure talk, but imagine if they in the emergency rescue mission in the fall, a depletion of oxygen, the consequences would be terrible. this is the reason why professor Leia Stirling of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his graduate students opened the study. They are working on solutions designed to help ast Cheap foamposites for sale ronauts avoid visual blind spots and dangerous obstacles. "we put forward a lot of ideas in the lab, repeated trials, hoping to find solutions." Stirling says. "This particular project focuses on one thing, and how can we be able to steer clear of obstacles while perceiving our surroundings?" after repeated tests, this intelligent space boots is the answer given by the MIT laboratory. The space boot is equipped with a distance sensor that informs the user of the vibration of the tactile feedback system in time to avoid stones or antennas outside the visual field. As the distance becomes smaller, the vibration frequency increases gradually, which is similar to the collision warning issued by the car when reversing the storage. Stirling's research focuses on the "decision support" system; in addition, astronauts need to deal with a large amount of data, and just put the data on the screen, and it doesn't make any sense. Therefore, multimodal presentation is the main application technique. The haptic feedback system may work normally under gene Cheap foamposites for sale ral conditions, but if it can't identify objects, any object can cause alarms. A random flash point or the proximity of the sound on the head up display may trigger the alarm one after another. "labs are interested in human-computer interaction," Stirling said. "What can we do to get people to trust these systems so that they can use the system information safely and correctly to make the right decisions? That's the problem we need to solve."." this smart space boot is currently the prototype stage, is not yet ready for use in space, but the product has accepted the desert geology research (Mars Desert Research Society Mars) test, and in terms of Mars as bad in the Utah desert still maintained a good. ??????shop jordan Fish aquarium bathroom Home amp Decoration Aquarium Fish and Aquarium Design asics running shoes amazon Exactly what I am looking for on my deck my next adventure Decks and Furniture jordan Fish aquarium bathroom Home amp Decoration &" /〉 online shopping for glasses frames Gifted and Talented Students Don t Let Them F Retro jordans for sale all Short of Their Potential Gifted Students So Funny and Pigs air max mens cheap The ABCs of Challenging Gifted and Talented Kids Gifted Students Learning and Gifted Education shop jordan Fish aquarium bathroom Home amp Decoration Aquarium Fish and Aquarium Design & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] January 2015, Adidas (adidas) ushered in the brand's adidas by Stella McCartney's new spokesperson: an internationally renowned fitness trainer Nicole Winhoffer, since the 2014 fall and winter From the series, she also in his capacity as coach of the world, especially cooperation with Adidas (adidas) of. as Adidas (adidas) worldwide during the special coach, Nicole will be responsible for developing a special fitness program, participation in adidas by Stella McCartney activities on a global scale, while she shared with the media and consumers in terms of new training techniques expertise, in-depth presentation of the series highlights in functionality and with style. 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